Aug, 1951 Privately founded as "WAHEI store"
Jul, 1961 Reorganized as Wahei Metal Co.
Jul, 1969 Relocated the head office building to Higashiurakan area in Sanjo City.
Sep, 1975 Relocated the head office building to the Tsubame Logistics Center area.
Aug, 1989 Opened Tokyo Branch
May, 1990 Opened Nagoya Branch
Apr, 1991 Opened Osaka Branch
Feb, 1994 Changed the company name to "Wahei Freize Co.
Second Logistics Warehouse completed
Apr, 1995 Opened Fukuoka Branch
Sep, 1996 Opened Sendai Branch
Feb, 1997 Norio Wahei appointed as the new president, starting a new organization.
Jul, 2000 New head office building completed.
Sep, 2001 Opened Shanghai Office in Shanghai, China
Sep, 2005 Opened Sapporo Branch
Apr, 2006 Established a local subsidiary "Fulizi Heping Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd." in Shanghai, China
Aug, 2009 Expanded logistics warehouse to strengthen logistics functions.
Mar, 2013 Established "Peace Korea Co., Ltd." in Korea
Oct, 2020 Yoshihiro Wahei was appointed as the new president, and the new system started.
Aug, 2022 Moved Sendai branch to Koriyama branch.