Development / Design

Development / Design

To Realize Cookware to Nurture Your Dining Table

The product specifications customers seek are becoming more diverse in terms of functionality, durability, and safety.

To design and develop cookware that nurtures your dining table, we research customer needs and trends in the food and food service-related industries while considering environmental impacts and our local industries.

Research and Due Diligence・Joint Development with Partner Plants・Our Knowhow and Technologies Accumulated Over Time

Flexibility for Product Development

We bring our products with a broad perspective and creativity supported by our flexibility and responsiveness.

Needs of the world・Request of customers・Ideas of us

Flexible Attitude and Solid Responsiveness

Our flexible attitude toward development reflects “current” voices, and this is possible with our knowledge, technologies, and trust that have been nurtured since our establishment.

Cookware Development to Nurture Your Dining Table

New Concept for Cookware Adaptable to Changes in Food Culture
New Concept of Cooking Methods to Utilize Cookware

Our development process is the same for either approach.

We are committed to providing better products, and our inexpensive products go through the same development process as those in the high-price range at the same standard with consistent quality.

Flexibility for Product Development
Flexibility for Product Development

Trusting Relationships with Partner Plants

Our joint developments with local industries and overseas manufacturers have been firmly supported by trusting relationships that have formed since our establishment.

Relationships with
Local Industries

  • Get to know the strengths
    of local plants
  • Become a bridge between manufacturers and consumers
  • We select the best partner for each process at “Tsubame-Sanjo”, the historic center of metalworking.
  • Achieve High-Quality Production through Production Management with Real-World Knowledge.

Relationships with Overseas Manufacturing Sites

  • Long-lasting and Trusting Relationship with the Same Plants
  • Product design in conformance
    with the Japanese standard
  • trusting relationships and creative ideas, and process establishment ensure consistent quality standards with the production in Japan.
  • Establishment of an inspection system to produce safe and reassuring products.

Wahei Freiz values visiting our partner plants in and outside Japan
to know the production sites and establish trusting relationships.

Over time, these experiences and understanding accumulate into
the knowledge, technology, and quality that shape our ideas.

Trusting Relationships with Partner Plants
Trusting Relationships with Partner Plants

Product Development as a Food Culture Creator

In addition to offering products with improved safety, reassurance, and peace of mind, we are also working to protect the environment by enhancing the usage efficiency of natural resources and energy and offering products to reduce food loss.

Product Development as a Food Culture Creator
Product Development as a Food Culture Creator
Product Development as a Food Culture Creator

We strive to contribute to creating abundant lifestyles while developing and offering high-quality products to our customers.